Monday, August 15, 2011

snow = lectures cancelled

It is snowing again since yesterday 

I set my alarm at 8am but wake up at 8.15am today 
hoping that someone will come and tell me that the lectures today are cancelled

But yea
no one comes and knocks on my door
That means today lectures are still on

walking in the cold weather
on the slippery road due to the melting snow 
and the wind blows in random direction
was such a big challenge
and therefore
we were late for the 9am lecture >,<

there should be another 2 lectures today at 11am and 12pm
but due to the snow, 11am lecture was cancelled

Shangee, Wani, Yee Hui and I
were waiting in the science library 
to wait for the announcement in Blackboard
whether the 12pm lecture is still on or not

and this was what she had done for that 2 hours  while waiting
...playing games like a little girl


and then
the lecture was cancelled again


and so we went back to Cumby 
using twice the time that we usually take to walk form St David to Cumby

I am hoping for a better lunch today
and yea it is better for others but not for me
it is hotdog which is beef
and I cant eat beef!

So I went back to my room and then....
I eat 3 packet of instant noodles

That is not a typo
I really eat 3 packet of instant noodles as my lunch today

I am so full now
I wont gain 1kg because of this right?



since someone asked me to eat more 
so that I wont easily blown away by the strong wind here


Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan yesterday at the Wembley Arena in the final for the World Championship...

Below is part of the news from The Star

IT was a magical moment at the Wembley Arena yesterday but it did not belong to Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei.
Yesterday, China’s superstar Lin Dan shattered Chong Wei’s dream of becoming Malaysia’s first world champion when he came from behind twice in the decider to troop home with a sensational 20-22, 21-14, 23-21 win in an adrenaline-pumping, one-hour-and-22 minute men’s singles final.
The 29-year-old Chong Wei had held the upper hand at 16-12 and 20-18 in the decider in the dream final of the World Championships between the two greatest men’s singles players but luck deserted him at the crucial state.
And to add misery to his agonising defeat, Chong Wei, who put up a sombre face during the victory ceremony, rushed out with cramps on both his legs and was lying in a corner with tears in his eyes.
It was truly a sad end for Chong Wei, who had been so convincing and confident in his play throughout the week, sparking a great hope for Malaysia to produce a first winner since the tournament’s inception in 1977.

On Saturday, he had reached his first final in his sixth attempt in the world meet to become only the second Malaysian after Wong Choong Hann to do so.
After a good rub-down, Chong Wei said that he was disappointed with the outcome but vowed to move forward – with his focus on next year’s Olympic Games.
“I had two chances to end the game but it did not happen for me ... Lin Dan took a great gamble at the crucial stage and I was quite unlucky,” said Chong Wei.
“I gave my all. This is my best and closest match against Lin Dan. It hurts to lose by two points in this manner.
“I may have lost to him but I showed that nothing much separates us. I made some mistakes today but I will be ready for him the next time.
“I am still happy with my achievement of reaching my first final here. It has been a good season. I have reached every final since the start of this year.
“I will shift my attention to the Olympic Games. It is 11 months away and I want to better prepared.
And he gave the Malaysian fans some good news: “I may have lost the opportunity to become the country’s first champion but I am coming back. I will be back in 2013 to get it right,” added Chong Wei, who left for home yesterday.

I admire him for his courage and determination.
he is a good player indeed.
he did his part well yesterday, 
just that luck was not with him at that time.
hopefully he can win Lin Dan in the next game.
Chong Wei, Jia you! =)
You are still our No. 1!

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